Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping trips

Fred Meyer:

Disney Sparkle Princess Doll
Disney Princess Bath Beauty Doll
Table cloth
2 Lays potato chips
2 Ground turkey breast
2 lbs. blueberries
2.75 lbs. Alaskan crab legs
Coleman insulated shopping tote
12 premium annuals (pansies and snap dragons)

Spent: $47.55
Saved: $32.46


2 Pepsi max 2-liters
8 bottles Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
8 bags Goldfish crackers
Family size box Honey Bunches of Ots
Family size box Corn Chex
2 lbs. Kraft Singles
1 gallon milk
1 doz. eggs
32 oz. Vanilla cinnamon creamer
32 oz. Vanilla caramel creamer
8 1 lb. bags frozen vegetables
2 cans of frozen juice
Hot dog buns
1 lb. dry baby lima beans
8 ears sweet corn

Spent: $46.28
Saved: 76.84

Farmer's Market:

Bunch Swiss Chard
Bunch red beets
Bunch white turnips
Bunch onions
Jar of cranberry jelly
Jar of wildberry jelly
Jar of apple butter
Loaf of apple cinnamon whole wheat honey bread
3 German pastries
Large bottle of Rosemary Wild Blueberry vinegar

Spent: $36.00

Total Spent: $129.83
Total Saved: $109.30

We have $150 budgeted for two weeks, and we're good on meat. The leftover $20.17 will be used for more milk and fruit. I'll bake our bread in the bread machine.

Tonight for dinner we had a mish-mash of food. We had sweet corn, some of the apple bread, the German pastries, and half of a cantaloupe from last week. We've decided to have whatever we pick up at the Farmer's Market on whatever nights we go. Eat it while it's fresh!

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