Sunday, June 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Here's what's cookin'!

Fried chicken wings, french fries, green beans, & celery with ranch dressing
Sausage-rice casserole
Tilapia with dijon mustard sauce - New recipe for the week!
Veggie night
Hot dogs & (veggie) burgers
Parmesan chicken, served with spaghetti  (We froze our leftover chicken, & it'll be put in the oven to reheat)

I'd like to say, it hasn't been as much as a challenge as I'd thought for me to be mostly meatless.  Instead of Parmesan chicken & spaghetti, I eat spaghetti and broccoli.  Instead of chicken wings, I eat the fries, green beans, celery & a roll.  Not too tough to manage so far, and I'm glad of that!

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